Something is happening, and we get to be a part of it.


A quick update

The past 10 days have been amazing:

  • Heartbroken: Healing from the Loss of a Spouse was released.
  • The Heartbroken video has been viewed over 7000 times.
  • Wonderful emails, Facebook posts, and messages are flooding in from people who are being comforted and helped.
  • People are passing along the healing, getting the book for others and delighting in making a difference (though they are in pain themselves).
  • Heartbroken is a new Amazon Bestseller in Grief and Loss (it’s been as high as #8).



It’s about people

This isn’t about a book. It never has been.

It’s about people. Heartbroken is a tiny part of the much larger story of men and women recovering from devastating wounds, seeking help, joining hands and hearts, and walking the road of healing together.

This is a movement of healing and growth.

This movement isn’t new. It’s been going on a long time. And yet, out of all the times and places we could have been born or lived, we are here, now. We’re in this together, and we’re here to make an impact. Part of that impact is to bring healing.


Hurt people hurt people, or help them heal

We’ve all been wounded. Hurting people tend to choose one of two paths.

  • Some hold on to their pain and project it outward, hurting other people in the process.
  • Others seek healing, and allow their grief and suffering to expand their hearts. In the midst of pain, they love and serve.

We heal in part by passing healing along to others.


Join the movement

I invite you to join me in a movement of healing.

This is bigger than us and our personal pain and grief. It’s not about me or you. It’s about us – all of us. Imagine the impact we could have if we joined forces and made it our mission to help others heal and grow!

Thousands would be encouraged, comforted, and helped, and we would heal a little more too.

That’s what love does.


Join the movement, share the healing

Here’s how you can join me in this movement of healing:

  1. Make healing a priority. Invest heavily in it. You love others when you do this.
  2. When you run across something helpful to you (book, blog post, website, Facebook post, etc.), share it!
  3. When you share Heartbroken, remember it’s not about the book – it’s about the bigger picture of helping others heal and grow.

Many out there are waiting for us. Will we show up?

Yes, we will.


For 3 more days, Heartbroken is available at the hugely discounted introductory price of $5.99 or less (up to 70% off) through Sunday, March 8. Grab your copies now, and give the gift of healing.

HEARTBROKEN has been released

Most of us know about grief and loss. We’ve personally experienced it through death, divorce, abuse, or some other means.

Some of us have lost our mates. And for those who haven’t, we can come to the aid of those who have.

Heartbroken: Healing from the loss of a Spouse was released today. This book, written from interactions and interviews with hundreds of widows and widowers, deals with the one of the greatest losses any of us can experience.


What Heartbroken is about

When someone loses a mate, it can be painful beyond description. It affects all of life. Nothing is the same. Many times, the surviving spouse’s heart is broken.

What do survivors do with all the pain and roller-coaster emotions? What will life be like? Who are they now?

Their hearts need answers. Heartbroken can help.

I wrote Heartbroken from my experience in walking with hundreds of spouses through this dark valley. It contains their stories, in their words. It’s about their pain, struggles, triumphs, and healing. Heartbroken is honest, forthright, and practical.


How you can help

I need your help. We need to get this book into the hands of as many widows and widowers as possible. You can:

  • Share this video and blog post.
  • Go to my FB author page and share this post.
  • Share the link to this post/video on any of your social media – Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, GooglePlus, etc.

Take a moment and think of someone you know suffering from the loss of spouse. Share with them personally – and do it soon. They may be waiting for this resource.



And it’s a big deal too…

I wanted to find a way to say “Thank you” to you, for reading, sharing, and for encouraging me. So…

Heartbroken will be available for $5.99 (60% off) for the first two weeks. After that – back to the regular price. This is for YOU – my readers, subscribers, and FB fans – and anyone you choose to tell! So grab your copies now!

Heartbroken is now available from –  

Amazon (paperback and Kindle)

Barnes & Noble (Nook)

Smashwords (e-book)

Gary (signed, personalized paperback copies) - NOTE – I will not have copies until March 5 (but you can order anytime!).

Together we can make a huge impact. Let’s work together to get this resource out there!
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