This Weekend: We’re Giving Away Books!


People are hurting. Loss is everywhere. We want to help.

We want to give away some books, and we hope you can help us.


Here’s the story:

Three years ago, New York Times Bestseller Cecil Murphey (90 Minutes in Heaven, Gifted Hands: The Ben Carson Story, and over 100 other books) and I set out to write an easy-to-read, comforting, and practical gift book for those facing a loss.

Harvest House Publishers loved the idea, got artist Michal Sparks on board, and the result was Saying Goodbye: Facing the Loss of a Loved One. Check out the video above for my take on the book.


Here’s what others have said:

“Written with compassion and empathy, like a visit with close friends.” (Tracy Ruckman,

“Practical, tenderly presented, and helpful.” (Reggie Coe, Pastor)

“Written with sensitivity and compassion…a touching guide.” (

“When grieving, we need brief, practical information presented in a way that is easy to process. This book accomplishes the task.” (Dr. Denise Turner, Hospice Medical Director)


We wrote the book to help. This weekend, we want to give away as many as possible.


Here’s the deal:

  • Beginning NOW through Sunday May 17, we’ll give away a copy of Saying Goodbye for each copy purchased. In other words, if you order one, we’ll send you two.
  • There’s no quantity limit. If you purchase 5, we’ll send you 10. Order 20, and you’ll get 40.
  • This offer is open to you, my subscribers, our Facebook fans, and anyone you choose to tell.


How to get the deal:

It’s simple:

  • Purchase any number of copies, and we’ll send you twice that many.
  • AND, you won’t be charged for shipping on the free copies either! (Shipping will be based on the number purchased)

That’s it. No special codes. No coupons. Order one (at $9.99), and get two. Simple.  


Why are we doing this?

We’re passionate about helping people grieve, heal, and grow.

Whom do you know is hurting? Encourage them with Saying Goodbye - for about the cost of a Frappuccino.

Let’s make this weekend one of comfort and healing.

How many can we give away? Let’s find out!

Why April Hurt (and What I Can Do About It)

We all have our “trigger-times” – those special days or seasons that unleash pain and grief on a greater scale. Birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays, for example, can surface our losses and throw them in our faces.

The whole month of April does that for me. It’s Child Abuse Awareness and Prevention Month.


Deaths shape us

Grief isn’t just about death. We experience losses of all kinds: job changes, moves, estrangements, break-ups, divorces, disease, and disabilities, to name a few. Then again, all these are “deaths” of sorts.

These deaths shape and mold us. If we allow them to rule, they can set the agenda for our hearts and lives. But I believe there is life hidden in these deaths. If we look closely, under every loss is great opportunity for healing and growth. It takes a while to see this because the pain and agony are so intense at first.


Part of me died back there

Among the deaths in my life, childhood sexual abuse is one of the worst:

  • It stole my innocence and shattered my trust.
  • It taught me fear, terror, and hopelessness.
  • It drove me deep inside, producing a painfully shy youngster.
  • It profoundly skewed my view of myself, others, the world, and God.
  • It whispered “You’re damaged goods. Nobody wants you. No one will ever love you.” I heard these messages so often I believed them.
  • It spawned a life of anxiety and driven performance. If I worked hard enough and did things right enough, surely I could keep bad things from happening.

Some losses are evil. Childhood sexual abuse is one of those. It was a death. Part of me died back there.


We have all endured multiple deaths

You have similar trigger-times too. You also have endured multiple deaths. We’re in this together. No matter where we go, we are in the company of fellow grievers.

As Helen Keller said, “We bereaved are not alone. We belong to the largest company in all the world – the company of those who have known suffering.”

Every April, I’m reminded not only of what I endured, but what I survived. Even with all the deaths, I’m still here. So are you.


Are you hurting?

We’ve all been wounded. If you’re hurting, perhaps you should be. No one wants pain, but the hurt can also mean you’re living in reality and you’re healing.

There’s healing and hope underneath the rubble. You may not see it, but it’s there. That’s what the video at the beginning of this post is about.

(NOTE: This video is about my personal experience and is distinctively Christian in nature. No matter what your faith or belief system, I hope you find it helpful and encouraging). 


Are you an abuse survivor?

Wonderful things can come out of backgrounds of garbage and fear. You’re not there anymore. You survived. You had the core of your being violated, and you’re still breathing.

If you haven’t seen the above video, take 6 minutes and watch it now. I think you’ll be encouraged. And then download a copy of my free e-book Never Alone. It was written for you.


Making the pain count

It’s been said that our greatest wounds shape our mission. That’s certainly true for me. With lots of help, I’m going to keep turning the tables on life’s deaths by helping hurting people heal and grow.

We are the largest company in all the world – the company of those who have known suffering. Let’s work together, and make the pain count.

P.S. If you know an abuse survivor, consider passing along Never Alone. It’s free and super easy to download. Thanks!

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