Thank you! HEARTBROKEN is a National Book Award Finalist

Well, I’m flabbergasted (I’ve always loved that word!).

HEARTBROKEN was recently recognized as a 2015 National Indie Excellence Book Award Finalist.

As I was writing HEARTBROKEN, I prayed for two things:

  1. That God would use it to bring hope, comfort, and healing to those who have lost spouses
  2. That He would get it into the hands of anyone who could benefit by it

When HEARTBROKEN was released in February,
I didn’t know what to expect. When it became an Amazon Top 10 Bestseller in Grief and Loss, I was honestly startled. Now, I’m deeply honored by this recognition by the National Indie Excellence Award committee.


What’s this award about?

This prestigious national award, based in Beverly Hills, is open to all English language books in print from small, medium, university, and independent publishers. Awarded since 2007, the National Indie Excellence® Awards competition is judged by independent experts from all aspects of the book industry, including publishers, writers, editors, book cover designers, and professional copywriters. Winners and finalists are determined based on overall excellence of presentation in addition to the writing.

Again, I’m stunned.

However, I’m even more encouraged and humbled by feedback from those who’ve read it. It seems God is answering my prayer. Widows, widowers, divorcees, and others are being comforted. Hurting people are healing and growing. Somehow, this book is giving people hope.

I’m so honored to be a part of it.


So here’s what we’re going to do.

I asked that God would get this book into the hands of anyone who could benefit from it. I believe there are still lots of hurting people out there we can help.

So I would like to ask a favor. Please stop and think for a moment. Whom do you know needs this book?

Let’s get it to them.


Let’s celebrate by giving some away hope and healing

From now until Sunday June 29, we’re celebrating HEARTBROKEN’s recognition as a National Indie Excellence Book Award Finalist with a BOGO sale (buy one, get another one free). Our goal is simple. Get this book to as many hurting people as possible.

Here are two options:

  1. Purchase one HEARTBROKEN, and we’ll send you two.
  2. If you’ve already purchased HEARTBROKEN, and can’t think of anyone to give one to, you can order one anyway, and we’ll put aside TWO copies for people who can’t afford it. Just tell us you want to donate your books in the comments section of your checkout cart.

And here is more good news about this BOGO sale:

  • No quantity limits. Buy 2, get 4. Buy 5, we’ll send 10. And so on. Again, you can also DONATE however many of these you wish.
  • No shipping charges on the free copies. Shipping will be calculated based on the number actually purchased.

Just go to this link, and passing along some healing (remember, the sale is on NOW until Sunday, June 29).

Thank you for being a part of this movement of healing. We all hurt. We’ve been hit, and some of us have had heavy, painful losses. Thank goodness we’re in this together.

Healing is possible. As we work together, it is nearer than we think.

10 Things I Learned from Grief and Pain


Who likes pain and grief? I don’t. But if I have to go through it, at least I can be thankful for its lessons.


Here are 10 things grief and pain have taught me:


1.  Life isn’t smooth, nor is it supposed to be.

Grief isn’t weird or negative. It’s not a disease of some kind. It’s a natural and normal response to a loss.


2.  I’m not in control.

I can’t stop losses from coming. How I manage life’s hits is going to determine a lot, so I better get good at grieving.


3.  Grief isn’t just about death, but about loss of any kind.

Loss comes in many forms: disappointment, abuse, conflicts, estrangements, separations, divorces, moves, financial tragedy, job termination, etc. Many things can cause pain.


4.  Grieving well and healing doesn’t just ‘happen.’ It is a choice.

I must intentionally invest in the process. I don’t have to let my wounds determine my life. I can heal, but that doesn’t mean I’ll be the same.


5.  Grief can be a catalyst to deep and powerful growth.

Very little growth and maturity has occurred in my life without change and some degree of uncomfortability. I heal, but the scars remain. When life bumps my scars, it hurts. This is natural and normal.


6.  Grief changes my relationships because it changes me.  

I’m not the same. My grief and healing process will bring me closer to some people, but distance me from others. This too is natural and normal.


7.  In some senses, I never stop grieving.

It’s always there, right under the surface. I can let the grief bursts come. This honors my loved one, and helps me heal.


8.  Grief taught me to be real, and who to be real with.

Not everyone is helpful in my grief process. I’ve learned to get around people who help me grow and limit my exposure to those who don’t.


9.  It’s better to feel the pain than to stuff it.

Grief taught me that whatever I stuff gets buried, only to resurface again. I’ve learned to feel the pain, as much as I can, and work through it. As I do this, over time I’ll grow and heal rather than spinning in circles covering the same ground over and over again.


10.  I can use my pain for good.

If I’m willing, grief and pain can teach me compassion and acceptance. I can let them motivate me to reach out and help others heal. As a bonus, I heal a little more too.


A recent radio interview

I talked about some of these things, and a lot more, in a recent radio interview.

The interview covered:

  • What grief is
  • How grief operates
  • The impact grief has on us
  • How to begin to recover and heal.

There are some commercial breaks, so feel free to fast forward or jump ahead. And please note:
the views and beliefs of the interviewer do not necessarily reflect mine, and visa versa.
Moving Through Grief Toward Healing on Voice of America Radio — Click here


Grief is a part of healing

Grief hurts. It should. Rather than waste the pain, let’s learn from it. If we can begin to see grief as part of healing, we’re one step further down the road of recovery.

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